Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lay Lake is weathering the drought

Hello Folks,
Even though we are in a "one hundred year drought" and an "exceptional drought phase" according to the NWS, Lay Lake still remains a great place to be.. Water level is only down 2-3 feet. Lay Lake is a holding reservoir designed to hold water for droughts, just not 100 yr droughts. As the winter continues I hope we can get back to full pool. Hey, at least it's not as bad a Lake Martin(down almost 17 ft) or Lewis Smith(down almost 20).

Building is moving along with many new waterfront developments up and running and many more planned. Existing homes have also been selling at a steady pace..It's all about pricing in today's buyer's market.

The big news today comes from the front page of the Birmingham News. The Alabama Supreme Court has refused to review a lower court ruling concerning the proposed bridge linking Shelby and Talladega counties. The bridge has been planned by Talladega County for years now and it was proposed to be built at the old Perkins Ferry site. Making a long story short, it seems the bridge is on hold indefinitely.

My feelings are mixed and even though my business is real estate, I think we are overbuilding. The bridge would have been great for folks on the eastern side of the lake but the traffic and noise would be a nuisance. Not to mention Hwy 28 going into Columbiana. It would need some serous work and I imagine a bypass around the town.

The fishing is good though with this warm and humid weather..

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